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I was definitely satisfied with Diane's outstanding work, I am so Blessed to have found her! she made my whole wedding dream complete with her professional experience and beautiful flower arrangements. She has excellent quality flowers and does exactly what the Bride expects to have for her bouquet and other amenities. She did above and beyond on my bouquet and I was thinking it was going to be a lot more simpler that I had imagined.

 She did an amazing Job and I still get many compliments on how gorgeous my bouquet arrangement was made and the colors were so vivid, It stood out so much I was so happy. she made corsages for my closest family members and they came out so beautiful, she made the boutineers and bouquets for my bridesmaids and they were so amazing, she put so much detail and beautiness together they were so perfect. She gave me such a great price for all the hard and dedicated work she did for my wedding day of my husband Roberto and I Naomi. I would highly recommend her and she is an outstanding vendor and you wont be disappointed!    Naomi 9/13

Bella Dolce and Flora

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